Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SciTE incremental autocompletion

I am a big fan of these "holy" editors, like vim and emacs (yes, I use both). But I am also a big fan of SciTE - simple text editor for developers. It is not so popular like vim or emacs, but I like it. So I decide to improve one of its features - autocompletion. I called the result "Incremental autcompletion". Look at this video:

Isn't it cool? I think it is :) If you like it, you can use this patchset. To use feature after applying patches and compiling, just add "autocompleteword.incremental=1" to the properties file.
I started a thread in scite-interest group. I hope, this feature will be accepted by Neil Hodgson (SciTE and Scintilla creator), because for me it is acceptable open source alternative for some of Visual Assist autocompletion features.
UPD 1. Don't forget to add all of these lines

to your properties file.
UPD 2. Frank Wunderlich noticed the bug in implementation. Please use the second version of patch


  1. Hi Sergey,

    I think I had this patched installed in my previous job Scite configuration. Now that I changed computer, I would like to have it installed too, it is very comfortable and enables to have long and looking alike variable names.
    But the links you had are no longer valid. Does it mean that Neil has accepted them ? If yes, what should I do to have it working ? If not, where can I find this patch ?

    Thanks a lot,

    Thierry Kauffmann, from France.

  2. Hi Thierry,

    SciTE-Ru project accepted the patch, so you can use it there. I don't use SciTE for a long time so I don't have a patch that is applicable to a current SciTE version. Have you considered switching to other text editor? Geany is quite nice and it uses Scintilla internally. Sublime Text 2 is awesome, but it is not open sourced though.